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PIN Retrieval

You must read and agree to the following in order to proceed with retrieving your PIN:

The College of Southern Idaho provides online registration as a convenience to its students. If you choose to use this service without consulting your advisor, you are taking sole responsibility for your choice of courses and are considered to be self advised. Students using this service are strongly encouraged to seek the guidance of their advisors prior to registering for courses online. First semester students, Liberal Arts majors, and undecided students should contact the Advising Center. Second semester students should contact their major advisors (if you are not sure who your advisor is, you can contact the Advising Center and they can tell you). Benefits of advising include advice about levels of Math and English courses appropriate based on individual placement test scores, help with proper sequence of courses in order to ensure that students graduate in a timely fashion, and guidance on institution-specific courses for students intending to transfer. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with their advisors frequently throughout the year.

I agree that I am taking sole responsibility for any and all registration decisions that I make, including academic and financial consequences. I further agree that I am responsible for meeting all graduation requirements, including those specific to my major, as well as for the transferability (if applicable) of the courses in which I choose to enroll. I understand that failing to register for courses which are part of my degree requirements may impede or alter degree progression/completion. I understand that I will be held responsible for any and all tuition and fees incurred as a result of the registration. Furthermore, I am responsible for meeting due dates, dropping courses or withdrawing from courses, and complying with all applicable CSI policies and procedures.

By providing the information below, you certify that you are the person identified by these data elements. If you are not that person, you are not authorized to proceed and you should exit this form. If you purposely certify to false or misleading information, you may be fined, sent to prison, or both.

Student ID Number:  
Birth Date:  MM/DD/YYYY     
Email Address: (use the e-mail address you supplied in your application for admission to CSI)

Please enter Capital "Y" in the box below to indicate that you have read, understood, and agree to the above statements.